Cleaner Skin Will Be Able To Remain Acne Free For Longer

A shower after a workout will help to clean the sweat salty and dead cell build up on the skin. Leaving these on the skin for long periods may alter all the benefits that the opened pores would receive.

Salicylic acid helps the skin to shed its outermost layer. This will enable the skin to further keep the pores clear of blockages. If certain types of makeup causes blemishes and pimples to appear, changing the brand would help. The skin would greatly benefit from the use of Oil free products. Always wash up all makeup at the end of the day before going to bed.

Oestrogen and progestin are present in birth control pills. These hormones may help reduce sebum production, thus controlling acne. This treatment however can only be considered after all forms of topical treatments for acne have failed. This is due to the many side effected caused by the use of these pills. Women with heart diseases and blood clot troubles are not supposed to take oral contraceptives.

Cortisol in another of the hormones fluctuations of which can trigger an increase in sebum production. This hormone quickens the heart rate and heightens perception. It prepares the body for the fight or flight situation. Stress is the cause of the production of this hormone. Thus exercise, relaxation and having healthy hobbies could reduce stress. Know more on how to have an acne-free skin.

By using a special heat wand the doctor could reduce the sebum production by simply shrinking the size of the glands. Less production of sebum would help the reduction or prevention of acne.

Low intensity light can help opening the blocked pores. A combination of these lights in the colours of blue, red, green-yellow can kill the acne causing bacteria. A doctor can painlessly apply the above treatment by use of a wand. The only side effect of this could be mild skin irritation. It is a relatively safe treatment to apply.

In cases of scarring resulting from acne microdermabrasion may help in treatment. This in general is the bombardment of the face with tiny particles of aluminium oxide. It is not painful. The doctor uses a wand like device in this treatment as well. The device also vacuums up the particles from the face simultaneously. This will leave the skin feeling much smoother after affecting only the outermost layers of the skin.